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In the beauty industry, things are changing with new technologies emerging into the marketplace. However, the old-fashioned skin care regimen is still the best anti-aging “medicine” because it works.

Good skin care starts with four (4) basic steps:

1. Cleanse
Choose a cleanser recommended to you by your skin care professional. Cleanse your face every night because you need to remove all of the dead skin cells and daily grime. The right cleanser will do that. Always use a micro-fiber face cloth to remove the make-up and dead skin cells and thoroughly rinse your face with warm water.

2. Correct (or Change)
This is the time when your anti-aging product plays a very important role in your skin care regimen. Anti-Aging products comes with active ingredients such as AHA, BHA, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Green Tea, Co-Enzyme Q10 and other anti-oxidant ingredients. This product should be applied to your skin after your daily cleansing, depending on your skin condition and other factors of your lifestyle choices.

3. Hydrate
Hydration comes in two categories: water or oil based. Depending on your skin condition and your age, you may need one or both ingredients in your product. Your skin care professional will, after analysis, recommend the best course of action and type of product.

4. Protect
The last and most important step to perform is the application of protection, your sun screen. If you skip this most important step, the sun     exposure will take its toll on your skin, damaging it and causing premature wrinkling.

We, at Changing Lives Day Spa, believe in the efficacy of the products we sell. We choose our products carefully so it provides positive benefit to your skin.

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